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Carol Sue I read info on WebMD and it says coconut oil helps diarrhea so I don't believe that is it. And even GMO causes problems but doesn't mention diarrhea. Then I looked up HFCS and it most certainly can be my problem. They say if you drink a Coke and have diarrhea within 2 hours it is caused by the HFCS. I'm throwing out the ff creamer. One thing I did realize after reading that coconut oil helps relieve diarrhea is that the coconut oil may have actually caused the diarrhea to not last as long as it did last night. I may just have to drink my coffee with only my sweetener at DH son's house because he makes awfully strong coffee that would almost walk to you. LOL Will probably have to drink only one cup and stick to lots of water which can't hurt.

I also wondered if I had a bug, but am thinking it was the creamer. Will see how the day goes and how I do in the next few days. I have a doctor's appt Thursday morning if it doesn't clear up by then I'll talk to the doctor.

WebMD also says that coconut oil is good for not only lowering bad colesterol, but also is good for raising the good which my doctor told me was hard to raise. It warned that too much can cause you to gain weight. However, used correctly it is good for losing weight around the waist witin about 6 weeks, but to be sure not to use too much of it. One reference I read said according to the author that while she did use coconut oil, she felt olive oil is still better. I use both moderately so I think I'm doing good.

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