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Just stopping in while I have WiFi - we are one week into our summer tour, and I'm hanging on to phase 1.

Most days start early, and we are on the road by sunrise, so I have been having a chocolate rtd mixed with coffee for breakfast. Lunch is a Quest bar and 2 C of raw veggies, which can be eaten while we drive. If we stop for lunch, I have a salad with WF dressing.

Dinner has been all over the map. One night I had raw broccoli and hardboiled eggs, another night I had lobster and grilled asparagus. It really depends on which town we are in, and if we are stopping overnight vs driving to the next town.

I did have rolled up lunch meat during one of our overnight drives. My options were really limited, and this was really the best option. Last night I had grilled chicken added to a few side salads from Chick Fil A, and picked out the carrots and cheese. I used a packet of WF dressing, and was all set!

My coach told me that I could have two extra unrestricted packets instead of my evening protein, in a real pinch. I haven't had to do it, but I'm glad to have a backup plan.

As for weigh ins, I forgot to pack my scale! My clothes are fitting a bit looser, but I know I'm holding water, because my rings are tight and my ankles are puffy. I've been getting over 100oz water daily, with my salt & vitamins, but I know that all of this sitting around is going to have an effect on my system! I try to get some extra walking around done during the breaks. I know that eating in restaurants is terrible when sodium is concerned, but I've been checking the stats on my choices, and keeping them as reasonable as I can.

B: coffee, Premier Protein 18g chocolate drink
S: 2 hardboiled eggs
L: lettuce, broccoli, radishes, oil/acv dressing, Cookies and Cream Quest bar
D: lettuce, tomato, 5 oz roasted turkey breast, dressing made of spicy mustard and WF pancake syrup, raw broccoli and cauliflower
S: Premier Protein chocolate rtd

Lost 1lb after an entire month on WW. Started Ideal Protein 4/19/14.

Weight Loss by Week: #1: -10.1, #2: -4.9, #3: -2.8, #4: -3.4, #5 & #6: -2.6, #7: -4.4, #8 -1.6, #9 -4.0, #10 +3.0, #11 -5.6, #12 -0.2, #13: -1.6, #14: -0, #15: -0, #16: -0, #18: +0.8
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