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Originally Posted by ontheshoresarah View Post
Hi again newbies....
I figured I would post a little about myself...for being 32 I feel like learning how to navigate this forum isn't very easy! I don't see my profile pic displayed and it is very irritating lol.

Anyway, I live in Erie, PA and work for a textbook company designing math books. I love animals...smooshy faced especially. I have been married 3 years, my husband has a 32 inch waste and can eat whatever he wants, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. We got married in Las Vegas at the Bellagio, we do love Vegas! We have been trying to conceive for 3 years, and hoping it happens soon. Though the doctor thinks my weight isn't the issue, it will only help.

I posted on a thread earlier but Target has a $10 off $30 in the nutrition section in their sunday flyer and online. I went and got some of the RTD EAS drinks and pure protein bars so that I could swap a few here and there. (Also because I tossed 3 things I hated in my start up bag). I have been sleeping like a log! I know I am finally in ketosis, and ketostix i bought tonight confirmed. Yay!
Sarah~ I see Annie helped you with your avatar (profile pic)

Thanks so much for the heads up on the sale Target is having. I need to go pick up some RTD's... so convenient when at work. Yay for being in Ketosis...whoop whoop
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