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A new year and a new me!
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Ok .. meant to come in last night for the personals but was so tired I didnt even open the computer! So before I head out to work on this rainy cold day I will catch up with everyone

LOST - Welcome on in .. and any time is a good time to join .. as you may know I tend to have a week or two between challenges so you can always just carry on into the next one

VORTEX - It is a busy chatter place for sure .. which I love and encourage lol .. like having things to read other than my own babble lol. Have a safe trip to wherever you are heading off to and look forward to "seeing" you on your return

BETSY - I cant remember my last whoosh lol .. I think it was when I first restarted back in August last year .. but then I didnt really stabilize or hover until earlier this year when I have had to slow down on my losses via doctors orders :/ but from what I have seen through others posts I do think its a common thing

DOGPAL - Great loss this week hun

ALI - Yay on the loss that is definitely a great whoosh. And WAHOO about the bus trip Im glad you had a good time and Im sure your daughter enjoyed the incredible memories to add to her memory bank I agree with you on the removal of certain foods make other things taste so much different, its almost like new taste buds

EASILY - So much to catch up with you .. love your chatter to read about Still say Im not a saint lol .. I think it is always a mind over matter thing .. If I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter lol .. plus losses and other issues just remind me that life is too short to not look at the glass as half full instead of empty and everything can be turned into a positive if you just stop and take the time to figure out what it is … sometimes its just the fact Im breathing through it .. other times its all about learning .. definitely something I have learned is that you never stop learning. Yeah .. happily Obese Stage 1 now lol. I just got a size 18 top too .. its a stretchy one though so its a new experience having something that isn’t a flowing thing and not attached to the lumps n bumps lol. Hope you are feeling better and getting more sleep now and that TOM isn’t giving too much grief on this visit. Also great weight loss .. especially with TOM loitering around lol. Never heard of a weight loss patch or craving patch or whatever lol .. I still don’t understand the use of the smoking patches .. more on that later lol ..

SUNNY - Nice loss again this week .. you are keeping to your steady approach which always works out better in the end

UBEE - I hope its not a bad reason why we will be missing you and you will be sorely missed for sure. Look forward to seeing your name starting a post again asap Hugs

BETSY - Nice maintain .. its almost a theme lol .. and like its been said .. better to maintain than uber gain

STEPHANIE - That is a great loss .. especially with the week you had. Sad about hubby coming back over here .. not for long I hope?

Okee .. so today is Saturday over here and Im starting again after last weeks off rail days lol .. Im allowed one off rail not 4 lol .. so time to make it up this week. Yesterday was a good day at work .. managed to get a lot of things done in the store to get it looking nice and ready for the weekend Had a delish dinner when we got home .. my usual really lol .. but I do love my chicken n vegetables .... the treat was some cheesecake for dessert and happy me .. I didnt react to it lol .. another thing I can add to my list of non-attack foods lol.
Hunny is taking me to work today so that he can have the car, fortunately I got myself a new red winter jacket yesterday cos the weather has turned crappy lol .. and yes I chose red instead of the navy blue or black .. I just thought if I have to catch the bus on a rainy grey day I want to be a spot of brightness in the gloom I thought of getting one last year but couldnt find any in my price range that I could fit! So I have one now and its a little loose on me but that is because I wanted it to be big enough that if I wanted to wear a thicker layer underneath I could
Have already planned dinner .. hunny is having mushroom soup and Im having a minted green pea soup (something new for me lol) .. and Im making a cheese & onion omelet which we will have half of each Have nothing in mind for lunch though but Im hoping its so busy at work I will forget about it anyway lol. Bad I know but Im having a "tired of always thinking about food" moments so not thinking about it .. but I do have my bars and a few shakes at work in case that is the choice

Right .. better go get ready for work .. hugs all!


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