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@berryblondeboys, I used to wear CK and now I can't find my sizes anymore. Maybe my problem is that I like to shop at a store, I'm too scared to order clothes on line because there is nothing I hate more than going to the post office to return something. I mean, if I can't find a pair of pants to fit me out of the ten I got in the dressing room with me then what are the chances that the one pair arriving in the mail will fit? That's how I view online shopping.

I have found NYDJ jeans to fit quite well, they are expensive though, but hey it's worth it if they fit right?
I don't shop at shopping malls - ever. I buy EVERYTHING from TJMaxx or Marshalls. I should try a few other such chains too like SteinMart, Ross, etc. THAT is where I always find the Calvin Klein pants and RL pants and yes even NYDJ. My mother in law just handed me her now to small NYDJ hand me downs. Their 12s are like a CK 14.

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