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FERRIS - Thanks hun .. yes .. in NZ the apparent "Ideal" is an 8-10 in size .. Im wondering what store they are buying from .. cos if its Millers then that isn't so bad cos in reality I think that is more a 10-12 lol ... I just think an ideal being a single figure is really scary ... mind you .. the worldwide size variance is ridiculous .. as I found when I was in the US and Canada .. i felt like a giant and was wondering where all these big people were when I was there .. other than my Canadian family that is where there are a few bigger versions of the population lol. As for the pants .. didn't really have a lot of choice .. needed something other than my jeans for work lol ... but other than a couple of jackets I have on hold for me that will be it for a while I think

SUE - Hun if you ever feel the need to rant or vent please don't hold it back .. let it out to one of us .. either on the board or in a PM cos that is what we are here for .. so that you don't feel like you have to face it on your own and battle it without support .. big hugs and Im proud of you for stepping up and facing it then carrying on rather than letting it spiral completely out of control

UBEE - I have said it before and I will say it again .. if any of my net friends make it to NZ to Wellington they are more than welcome to camp out at my place any time .. just with a little warning so I can get a bed in lol ...
Eating tips for stress - HAVE IT .. just not a lot of it. I know that sounds like a contradiction to what we should be doing .. but I have found when I am stressed if I don't cave a LITTLE on something I probably shouldn't have I tend to get more stressed and I will just fail worse later. I also find that keeping my hands busy helps .. especially if I use it as a bribe to get over that urge or craving. I have my cross stitch or books ... so it becomes a bribe .. e.g.:
"I will just finish this row ... oh have thread left, will just finish this thread" this gets repeated until the craving or thought lessens. Once its at that stage Im like ok .. do I really want it .. or is it because something has peeved me off or upset me in some way or am I just bored? This journey has become a series of questions for me to constantly ask myself .. and the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was the constant thought of food .. what the next meal was or what snack I could have etc .. so I stopped thinking of anything in advance other than in a general term of options .. made me enjoy the food more when I wasn't thinking about it for hours in advance lol .. but this doesn't work for everyone.

BETSY - If you are anything like me its those darn potatoes .. I have found if I have more than one of the baby potatoes I gain something lol .. and as for bikini heck not for me lol .. I have bought 3 tankinis ... so its a nice long top over knicker bottoms ... prefer to a one piece as they don't cling ... mind you .. have to already rehome one pair .. or not swim in them cos they are loose on me and would hate them to fall off when wet!!! One fits nicely now and the other one is a size smaller ... I got them all when they were in a clearance sale from summer into winter lol .. so next summer I will be all set

Right .. time to get to work .. got the baking and ready to go .. have to get there early so I have time to vac the whole shop cos its been driving me nuts for a week how bits of paper etc are all over the place and dust bunnys are breeding ... too hard to do when the shop is open cos I don't want to trip the customers up lol ..

Will catch up tonight again .. hugs all!


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