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Default New to Low Carb/Slooow Metabolism.

I don't post on here as much as I should, mostly because I keep forgetting about the wonderful place! I went to my doctor on Friday (05/18) and we discussed some things including my weight issues. We talked about Skinny Fiber, he showed me all my blood work/test results from my prior 2 visits (Nov/Dec 2013) and mentioned the soda, etc. When I mentioned I don't drink anything but water, he mentioned that I could try a low carb diet to help lose weight because I have very, very slow metabolism. I'd actually been working out a couple times a week, upping my general movements over the last 6 months and had put on 2 lbs. This was another reason he thinks a low carb diet would be beneficial. My problem is I love bread and pasta (I know it, I eat way too much of it) but I still have a problem reaching 1440 calories a day (the amount MFP gave me), to the point where sometimes I have to eat when I'm not hungry to reach it. Then on the days I exercise, I am between 1250-1320 on most days after adding the exercise in because I do not re-eat calories burned.

Any ideas for simple/cheap recipes or how many carbs you are supposed to have a day? I don't have the money to do a program, so would be purchasing things found in shops. If anybody is interested I can post my blood work ups. Everything is within normal range, other than glucose, which is 68/73 (should be 74 on the low end) but my doctor said he wasn't concerned because my previous doctor had told me to fast before those visits.
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