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Originally Posted by PepperTown View Post
Went for my WI this afternoon. Only lost 2 pounds!!!! I told my coach this time around it's so much harder than last time I did IP as I'm often hungry...PLUS...I'm loosing the weight very slooowwwlllyy!!! I also asked her about alternative products.

She thought 2 lbs was good. She said the weight was coming off slower this time because I have less to loose. (Last time I lost 70 lbs in 2 months. This time I lost 15 pounds in a month.) She explained that the bigger you are, the faster the weight comes off. PLUS, she said I should remember that the older a woman is (I'm 62) the slower the weight comes off! As for alternatives, she said I could try them, but (as with the alternative plan) the weight will come off much slower.
Wait. Did I actually see a complaint over a 2 lb loss???
Esp after losing 15 lbs in a month?

70 in 2 months is way outside the norm, FYI.
And many returners say they don't lose as quickly the 2nd time around (even Dr Atkins spoke of a "golden opportunity" for higher losses)

I'm going to suggest a mindset change.
Instead if focusing on lightening-quick losses, perhaps focus on more reasonable losses (IP is STILL faster than other plans), and focus on sustainability. Get to goal and phase off properly & learn to maintain so that a retun to P1 becomes about losing 5-10 occasionally.

Additionally, there is a difference between the IP alternative plan (adding a dairy, a starch, and a fruit daily) and doing IP with alternative priducts (same nutritional stats but non-IP brand). The alternative plan offers slower losses. Using generic products works the same but your coach doesn't make as much money so they'll discourage use. IP products aren't magic.
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