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Smile Hello!

floralshorts: to the Ups & Downs Support Group! Best of luck to you as you return to work on Monday! I will be thinking of you and hoping things go well. What type of work do you do? That is great that you are feeling good and confident about your weight loss. Your trip to the UK sounds exciting! Don't wish the summer away, though! I LOVE the summer months!!! Glad you found the group and posted.

Fi: Interesting and neat collage! I am so happy to hear that you are doing better after some rough days. Glad you realized that your wean from the med was causing problems and you've delayed it until after the BERP! It is so nice when doctors accept our input on things. I hope you will get your insurance sorted out soon, so that you don't have to keep paying full price for your meds. That gets SO expensive! HOORAY for your wonderful NSV (non-scale victory)!!! I can relate to daily life tasks being more difficult at a heavier weight, so I understand how getting up easily off the floor after a fall would be a major accomplishment! Great to hear that your weight loss is making life easier for you these days! Keep up the good work!

Sabrina: How rude and insensitive of your co-worker to pry into your sensitive business and not let it drop! So sorry you had to go through that. As if going back to work and Mother's Day weren't already difficult enough for you..... I am glad that you were honest with her and asked her to stop. On a brighter note, it is good to hear that the retreat was peaceful and uplifting. Also happy that your husband's wisdom teeth surgery is over with and he is doing well. Hope you have a great time at King's Island on Saturday! Nice that you can drop your pets off at your parents' house. Hope your interview went well! Please give us an update on that when you get a chance. Thank you for continuing to post. You are such a great addition to our group!

Trish: I am so happy for you that you will be home ~ safe and sound ~ soon! Drive safely! I bet your hair looks fabulous! Again, I am so sorry that things went sour between you and your mom. Glad you didn't move down there and THEN find this out, though! Hope you get a good # on that scale when you get home!!!

MonteCristo: Glad to hear from you and that your garden plants are doing well. I planted flowers the other day and it has rained here the past several days since then, so I have not had to water either. Kinda nice! Hope all else is well with you!

Holly: Thanks for letting us know that you will be gone for a few days, so that we don't worry about you. I know you like this job, but I hope they aren't overworking you! I will be thinking of you the next several days and hoping things are going well at your "new"/summer job! BTW, your post about the yummy things you made at work did have my mouth watering, but go right ahead! I can handle it!

Amy: Hope you are making progress with your packing and preparation for the move! How is Snickers? Good luck deciding whether or not to have Lap-Band surgery. Tough decision! A friend of mine recently had a gastric sleeve done and lost about 75+ pounds and got off pre-diabetic meds and other meds due to weight. She looks great! Then, after that, she had a tummy tuck and breast lift (along with a hernia repair), but she is still in pain from the last surgery, so not sure if she is glad she did that one or not. It's been great hearing from you regularly!

Worthy: I hope your colonoscopy went well today! So, what did the "elimination process" do for you on the scale???

ohiofreespirit: Are you okay??? I assume you are busy with your two classes at school. Please post a quick reply if you see this. No need to address everyone personally. Just want to make sure you are okay!

Hello to everyone else! If you are just reading along, please consider posting and contributing to ~ and benefitting from ~ the group!
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