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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
I have these kinds of experiences a lot at work, although most people are very supportive some are very irritating and I think without realizing it. For instance today one of my students parents brought in some chocolate covered strawberry's she made for us. I was safely in my office and had no intention of even witnessing such a tempting treat, both my para's know that I am strictly on my diet. One comes in with strawberry in hand, literally shoves it right under my nose and says "I knew you wouldn't want one of these delicious strawberries so I'm not even going to ask" pulls it back out from my nose and walks out. Seriously what was the purpose of that? I don't need to be tested, I have enough daily temptation without that. Good news is of course I don't cave, in fact that kind of irritating behavior has a reverse effect on me, but it's still annoying.
How mean...and from an "adult"! My son (who is 7) is driving me crazy with a constant narration of what I can and can't have. However, he's a "fact" kid and not trying to tease me.

I really do think that it Pecksniffian at our own insecurities when someone chooses dieting/cosmetic surgery/major changes. It's like an insult..."Well if you are dieting because YOU think you are fat, then you must think I am fat, too."

And i've always been more comfortable being with others who are overweight since I have been. Some people may see it as abandoning the secret "fat pact" ('s ok if I am big if you are too).
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