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Hi there,

I hope that everyone is having a good day. The temperature here feels nice and cool, probably in the 70s, a refreshing change from yesterday being so muggy.

I'm going to take my guinea pig to the vet tomorrow, I think he has an eye infection I'll be changing vets once I move.

Volunteering went well today, I have 196 hours! Next week will be 200 hours, wow! I am excited to be receiving another 100 hour pin. I will truly miss all of my co-workers, they are so upbeat and positive. I volunteer at an absolutely wonderful hospital, I will miss it a lot but I think I may volunteer at an another hospital after my ankle surgery.

I'm seriously considering Lap-Band, I posted about it in my thread on the WLS forum. I think it could help me tremendously.

Have a great night!

Amy and Snick

Fi- what is BERP? How are you? Take care!

Hi to everyone else!
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