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Originally Posted by miholmes View Post
Anyone else have this? I think I worry too much about my "homeade" meal. Is it okay to have the burger with no bun, tons of pickles and lettuce? (I posted the question about it here last week) Anyway I'm seeing results and that's fantastic...but the old cravings are still there.

So I was kind of toying with a 1 cheat day a month. Just to kind of have something to hold out until. Is this a terrible idea? I know it sets me back 3 days. But in the long run, I'm wondering if it's worth it.... idk.

I mean I don't want to go hog wild, but a piece of cake on my birthday with some ice cream, or that special dinner you love. Am I justifying? Is it okay? I know I'm on phase 1 until the weight is lost and most people want to plow through until it's lost.

But taking a breath every month, a bad idea?

Michael - your burger sounds absolutely fine - enjoy!

I suspect your cravings will subside as you go along. Seriously, 90% of weight loss is mental and it takes time to retrain your brain to not want things. I found identifying why I wanted to eat things when I wasn't hungry was invaluable. Is it just the time I usually snack? Am I tired and grumpy? Bored? You get the idea - you are trying to change your relationship with food along with losing the weight and if you treat food as a "cure" for feelings, boredom, etc. you run the risk of just putting it all back on. If you are thinking of it as a "reward" for staying OP the rest of the time, just remember "You're not a dog. Quit rewarding yourself with food."

In my opinion, planning a cheat or treat day once a week/month/whenever is not a good plan and not just because of the time or cost involved but because you want to learn better food behaviors. You know what all the food tastes like and it will all still be there after you have lost weight and gotten healthier. Quite honestly, once I hit maintenance I haven't even wanted most of stuff I thought I couldn't live without. Planning to go off plan on a regular basis just reinforces the idea that once you lose weight you can go back to eating like you did and we all know where that gets us!

Best of luck to you!

Originally Posted by catlady1981 View Post
Hope you all had a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day. I had my 11th WI on Sat. and am at 25 lbs. lost so far! I'm so happy about that. I need to make a spreadsheet to track inches lost since I haven't done that. The restricted test panned out. I just can't eat them. They slow down my losses big time.
So glad you figured it out! Some people are just super carb sensitive and it looks like you fall into that category unfortunately.

Originally Posted by Scotian_Sweetie View Post
I think I may be having some sort of allergy/sensitivity reaction to the IP.

It started out my cheeks were warm and red/flushed during the first couple days on product. (I thought I might have a bit of a bug or just the extra protein).

Then Friday I got a headache, which continued into Saturday and increased to migraine level by Saturday night. (I felt drained like a flu all day, and thought maybe it was an actual flu, or the 'keto-flu").

I noticed around Saturday morning that my skin seemed dry and rough around my mouth area but thought it was a new face wash so stopped using it. Removing the face product didn't help and now my face is dry and tight with a light rash - again mostly around my mouth, chin, and cheek area.

I am going in to see my coach today for my 1 week weigh in. Happy with the weight loss this week, but am now quite worried about the rash.
You might get checked for a soy allergy - that's really the most common culprit. So sorry you are having issues, hope you feel better soon!

Originally Posted by wildirishrose View Post
*sigh* I am having a hard day. Hard week? month? I'm not really sure. I received some personal news that is just weighing heavy on my heart.
I haven't been strictly on plan for a week, and have decided today that I am recommitting myself to the plan - it's HARD. I dropped my coach because I started alternative products and my coach has a strict "only IP food" rule. I just couldn't justify it any longer when I found the food so much cheaper. But not having a coach has made me really lax on the strictness of the program. I also have not been sticking with my supplements. I just feel alone.
You aren't alone - you have all of us! Sorry you are having a hard time but you can always check in here and someone will be around to give you a pep talk. The important part is you are recommitting to getting back OP - yeah for you!

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