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Morning ladies, excuse me while I try to rebalance. I'm stressing out about impending grad(my baby - is he ready for the world?) and trying not to rush my barnyard punks paintings yet feeling the deadline too close, ugh. So what I need is to refocus on healthy full feeling eating(have been into nervous eating mode). Time to stop, breath, turn and WEED!

Water measured and waiting at counter, check!
Will Eat only at meal time and mid day snack time, will write down what I eat!
Scedule daily Exercise and complete. Today I will post thread, go for a walk and try at least 20 mins of my unseen stretch dvd.
Determination, get mental calmness and eating back OP!

Not on- line with my art work yet, but remind me mid-summer, cause I really need to create a web site( and maybe my son can help before he goes to college).

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