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Hi everyone, another nice day,i even got a little sun burn sitting on the deck. K31 am so glad Tim hasn't felt the bad symtoms that go with chemo therapy,bet its nice to gork with the puppies. Im a meat eater too,however I like all the other stuff too so my small stomach keeps me to small portions. My dd and dh had the same dr do their neck surgeries,he has been sued for fraudulent surgeries and lost..dh had an apt with our dr today and she wants him to be checked out to make sure his surg was done properly,as he still has a lot of pain.. so shes ordered more tests and a 2nd opinion to make sure dh is not one of that dr's failures. he lost the law suit and has to pay 1.7 million to a patient who had a botchd surg..sure hope dh wasn't one of those or my dd,it was in the anchorage paper yesterday.It seems you don't know who to trust now days.. hope your evening is a good one ttfn rosey ps dh brought me yellow roses

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