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Default First Weigh In but still no ketosis

My first weigh in was 6.7 down I lost muscle and gained body fat according to their fancy machine. I lost total 7 inches. I don't think it will continue to go like this. I know it is mostly a water loss because the scale dropped down to that in the third day of starting the diet. I never felt sick this week and the ketosis stix are all negative. Brand new test strips and using the first morning urine. I listened to Dr Wilkinson (IP spokes doctor) on his daily video for this subject...he claims we need to be around 40 grams or less but when I put my stats in My Fitness Pal my carbs are around 56. My coach said today that I cannot take away veggies or anything else. She checked my food journal...I am following 100% But I know this loss will not continue because when following the Atkins diet I have to be around 20 carbs to burn fat in ketosis. We will see how it goes...I dont want this to be like any other diet....I want the ketosis they say in the videos at IP.....ketosis is your friend. Happy and discouraged at the same time.

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