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Angela, you are going through so much. Do not rush the grieving. I lost my sister--who was the last member of my nuclear family--five years ago and I'm still grieving for her in some ways. Maybe it's just missing her and I definitely cherish my memories, but it still hurts. In reading your post, I see that Midwest common sense attitude coming through. I grew up in Warrensburg and Decatur, IL not too far from you. I have found that some of my best friends are ones that I connect with electronically. Not ideal, but cuts down on that sense of isolation. Thanks for sharing what you're going through.

Ubee, we are both of an age where we face the realization that some things we thought would be a part of our lives just aren't going to be. So, let's create some new dreams that can be realized.

Now, ladies, I need some serious scolding here. I'm serious. I know that one of the rule of 3FC is to always be positive, but sometimes positive needs to come in the form of telling someone to get on track and stop using an endless supply of excuses. So let me have it. Tell me to stop rationalizing every behavior. Tell me that just because I crave salty and sweet doesn't mean that I have to give in every single time. Tell me that I know what needs to be done and that there are very few things in life at which I've failed once I set my mind to something. Remind me that the long term benefits far outweigh the momentary pleasure of eating some forbidden food. Seriously, I need a good kicking in the rear end here!

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