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Love all the support I am getting here - My advantages include not getting out of breath so easy and my hip pain lessening plus I'll like myself more. Credit ME I did not eat standing up yesterday. New habit - I kinda read ahead as I am still uncertain about which diets to commit to. Done Weight Watchers many times without much success and don't want something radical and restrictive. Going to get the Volumetric book from the library and look at it. I want to do the prep work instead of jumping into a diet and then crashing and burning a couple of weeks or days later. So some research and self-reflection is necessary. Also I promised my DH that I wouldn't "diet" this year so this will be a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix diet. I want to get healthy, feel better and fit in my clothes (my fat clothes are tight right now). I hadn't read about the NO Choice List but hope it is coming up soon that is one I need to develop. Have my advantages in my journal and a 3X5 card so read them before I get out of the car to go to work and before I go home in the evening. May need to read them again before watching tv with my husband in the evenings. Today is square dancing and NO eating while standing which means I leave the cookies and treats alone because they are not allowed in the room where we dance and that is the only room that has chairs!!
It will take me awhile to get everyone's names and start giving encouragement to others but I am so glad I am a part of this group.
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