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Good Afternoon!

OP so far today. Yesterday I felt lousy and did not record the entire days' intake, pretty sure I was within my Calorie Line, but really unhappy that I didn't log the whole day. Slippery slope for me! Recording every molecule today!

Welcome mille56 and WannaBeHealthy!

freely: To answer your two questions, I go over my ARC in the morning while I'm getting ready in the bathroom. This allows me to get a visual reminder of the spare tire I'm trying to deflate. Then again around late afternoon as I head into prime snacking time and pre-dinner, to get a grip if I need to.

My No Choice List includes:

1) NO candy from the FOUR jars at work. Ever.

I'm still developing my rules, but that one is solid. Thanks for reminding me that I should commit to a few more!

AZtricia: I need a veggie platter like yours for movie night!!!

millie56: I actually did have my diet starting before the first two weeks were over....I'm not sure what others here have done, but for me it was an emergency in that I had to begin to "Do Something" immediately.

I'll post again later, my break at work is over--best to all!

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