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Is it joint pain or shin splints?

Anyway i was convinced that pain from shin splints was stress on the bone but others here are convinced its to do with lack of conditioning of the tendons and ligaments.

whatever the explanation, i would say definiltey do not force yourself to exercise through this sort of pain. YOu will cause a more significant injury. Work up gradually and as you say, maybe wait until you've lost a bit more weight. The amount of stress you are putting on all your joints is high. Your body doesn't need any more punishment. And if you are stressing your joints, you are causing inflammation, which i don't know a lot about but it seems to cause multiple other problems.

So don't push yourself with walking and do as you suggested, water exercise, and maybe some resistance training exercises at home. These will help you a lot.

vitamins and stretching will not achieve what can be achieved by a good diet and not over taxing your body. I"ve had an exercise injury from over training a long time ago and its not worth it. You have to stop exercising and maybe for a long time and then you just put all the weight back on.

See if you can find a training program online. I just found one suitable for me for running. Clearly its not suitable for you but there must be such things out there. I have realised that by following this plan, after one day, i can improve the quality of my exercise and minimise stress to my body doing this.

I suspect that you are trying to do too much too soon because you are in a hurry to lose the weight. I can only suggest you try to be patient with the whole process. It will come off if you can take it a bit more slowly.

Just make yourself some very firm rules around your diet. Weight loss should mainly be 80% diet, 20% exercise. That's what they say and i have found that its easier and more likely to have long term success as well.

By all means do more exercise but its your diet that needs the most work so try to focus most of your attention on that.

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