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Originally Posted by stephascope View Post
Hey Ruth Ann, I stayed the same weight in phase 3 and gained a few in phase 4 as well. I suspected I would have to follow a fairly low carb diet after IP which I started on Saturday. I felt so bloated and awful. Once I eat a carb, I can't stop all day. I was wanting to eat baked goods all day long. I feel so much better now after cutting all that out. I am going to continue keeping my carb grams under 50 a day and have a fun meal or two a week and see how that goes since the phase 4 protocol was causing me too many cravings.
Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
I think I need to lower my carbs. It's funny, I'm not having any cravings and haven't actually had a fun day or meal yet but I think I just added too much all at once. Coach said to bring my carbs up to 100 and I suspect that's just too much for me so I'm going to lower it some and see if that works better for me. I drank a ton of water today and am not feeling so bloated so I'm hoping it was just too much sodium on top of upping everything.
I def think we shorter folks coming off the diet and having been overweight have a real carb sensitivity issue that rears its ugly head quickly. AND 5lbs on us looks like 10 (or more) on someone else! I keep my carbs under 40 most days. The glycogen refresh on me happened later...both because I'd been sick, and I worked up to P 3-4 real slow...after reading "The art and science of low carbohydrate living" by J volek and S Phinney:
I was convinced the IP diet could not fix me to eat a boatload of the literature from IP suggests. And reminded myself this diet was initially designed for athletes to get "off season weight" off an athlete quickly. Not initially designed to treat obesity. It just happens to work for those suffering from obesity. I suspect there is a high degree of carb sensitivity in many/most of the followers of IP who were obese prior to the diet and find they have trouble maintaining.

The plan would work better for folks if they did not have the expectation IP was going to fix their metabolism, and phased off with a different approach and mindset as a "non-athlete" who used the protocol and benefited from the weight loss the diet facilitates. Our maintenance needs to be designed differently, and expectations for what normal eating will be going forward need to address the physiologic metabolic issues of obesity, and the psychological change that needs to accompany this diet into maintenance. Many figure this out quickly...but it is all too apparent from reading the posts...just as many are not willing to come to that conclusion. It is easier to say "the diet did not work long term" than to accept a metabolism that does not work.....for life!!

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