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Feeling a bit down today. Apparently my Dad and his fiance had a little spat, and she contacted me all emotional and freaked out wanting me to talk to him for her. I mean really, do I have a sign on my forhead that says "free counselling". I'm sick of everyone needing my help. And my family wonders why I'm perfectly content to be they set good examples of relationships! My dad asked her not to contact him for a couple of days, and she wanted me to be a go between. Yeah right. I told her no obviously (not getting dragged into that again). She gets all dramatic about how much she loves him and only lives for him and wouldn't be able to make it if he ever left her. Gag! She is SO childish. This is not what I expect from a 45 year old woman. I want my dad to be happy, but honestly, the more I know about her, the less I like her. I already have one should be grown woman in my life that acts like a teenager (my mom), I certainly don't need another. And this is making me crave sugar like crazy...not even one thought about sugar after the first few days, and now at the very first sign of family crap I want to dive headfirst into a giant chocolate frosty.
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