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Oh ladies ladies, I've done it again. I've seemingly been on a 3 week binge with no self control over what I eat, I've skipped workouts, I'm just so disappointed with myself.

Although I am 100% back on the wagon today, I'm thinking I need a change of plan as what I'm doing isn't working. The thing is, I've already failed phase 1 of my nutrition goal AGAIN for this week, as yesterday was a Bank Holiday so I was out of my normal work routine and didn't drink my 2 litres of water. Now I'm thinking instead of deciding I've failed, to change my goal to drinking 2l of water 6 days a week rather than every day. That way, I can still succeed for this week and it gives me a tiny bit of grace if I forget in future. But on the other hand, I feel like if I change my goals because I'm failing, then that's just cheating and it won't get me anywhere. I'm terrible with these kind of decisions, I just don't know which is better. Last week I tried to make up the days I missed. Eg if I only had 1.5l one day, I would try to have 2.5l the next to make up. Is this cheating? It feels like it is but also helped me avoid feeling like a failure for the whole week. Meh.

As of today, I'm going to be more accountable. I'm putting everything into MFP, including my walk to and from the station for my commute. I'm also going to post on here every day, even if it's just to say hi! I need to be more accountable and I think this will help. Please have a shout at me if I go AWOL again. I'm always lurking!

There's so much in your lives to catch up on, here goes -

Hoopty So glad you can chew again! What are the recipes you want to try out? It's interesting that you can do cardio but not weights, I would've thought if one hurt the other would too? I hope having the stitches out wasn't too uncomfortable for you. Good luck battling the PMS bloat. You can do it! I'm glad calorie counting is working for you. Keep going

Rie There's so much going on in your life, I don't know where to start! I'm in awe of you moving from Japan to the States. It was a huge deal for me just moving from the south coast to London on my own, I can't begin to consider what it would be like to move country! You get to see so much more of the world and soak up different cultures, I just wouldn't have the guts! Fingers crossed for you with getting a Visa somehow. It can be done, I'm sure there's a way!

It's interesting what you say about bread and sandwiches for lunch. I love bread, don't get me wrong (I really love bread), and I do love a sandwich
but I very rarely go for a sandwich at lunch any more because I find it just doesn't fill me up. Have you tried lots of different kinds of salads? don't just think a plate of lettuce food. I'd addicted to one at the moment I've been having for lunch for weeks - It's roast pepper and either squash or sweet potato, cous cous, tzatziki, mixed leaves and either falafel or some chicken. Soooo good. If you find some things you really like and chuck them over a big bowl of leaves you'll hopefully be able to feel like you've had a proper 'lunch' without going for the white bread every time.

Did you have fun at Barbacoa? I went to a Brazilian BBQ once and ate so much I was in pain and could barely walk for a few hours afterwards! It wore off pretty quickly, but I think if I go again I might try to pace myself a little more.


YAY for your finals being done. BOO for your reaction to pizza, but YAY that you're feeling better now! I'm very lucky that I don't think I have much of a sensitivity to any food in particular. I love ALL food, and not being able to have a certain group would be so tricky for me to handle so I really feel for you.

I'm clueless about eating back exercise calories / TDEE. I might have a read up later just out of curiosity. I'm so happy that you've developed this really healthy attitude to your weight. I'm still a bit hung up on the numbers but I know what really matters is how I feel and how healthy I am rather than how much I weigh. It's hard to let go of though.

Sorry that you and Rie are having a bit of a tough time talking with you BFs about your weight loss. Great that you've got your man into Hiking more though! I'm lucky in that mine's really supportive of whatever I choose to do. I've not managed to get him to the gym yet, but frankly it's his choice and if he chooses not to go then I can't make him! The weather's getting much nicer now though so we'll probably be doing a lot more skating outside which is great. It's resisting going for a drink afterwards that's tough!

Wow, your family certainly were blessed with good looks! Are your folks really attractive too!? ;-) The photo shoot is a great idea, fingers crossed you can get it all organised with your siblings.

OK gang, I'm off to drink some more water. If I'm not posting in a day, shout at me! I WILL stay accountable. I WILL find some self control. I WILL DO THIS!
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