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So you're 175.5 pounds now? And you want to get down to 140 pounds. That's achievable, but you have set some deadlines for yourself which can create a lot of additional unnecessary stress in your life.

Also you're always going to have to deal with social occasions where there's food and drink. It's a life style change you need to make, so that when the weddings are over you don't gain the weight back. So you need to look at food and drink differently. The key is to eat less and move more. At social occasions it's ok to eat, but eat less and drink less. I don't eliminate foods, or go on weird diets. Two pieces of bread turn into one, and a piece of cake turns into a sliver if cake. Second helpings are a no no.

It's calories consumed, versus calories burned during the day. To help you along the way you may want to upload myfitnesspal to your smart phone or computer. A free app that's easy and helps you keep track of the calories you're hconsuming during the day based on your goal weight and the information you put into it. For walking if you can invest in a Fitbit or jawbone UP, they sync with myfitnesspal to give you an accurate amount of calories you're burning in an average day. Very helpful tools to help keep you on course.

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