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Originally Posted by Tisado View Post
I was fine on P1 and P2, P3 harder because more of carbs at breakfast.
P4--total mess.

I can't handle the carbs at breakfast. The cravings are back. No cravings when in ketosis. I just need to stay on P1 for rest of life.

Ate like my friends for 4 days (party weekend for Opening Day of boating--big deal in Seattle) knowing that I would be paying the price.

Back to P1 today.
WI with coach is today. She is great, is determined that I won't yoyo this time.

I must be up 5-6 pounds from two weeks ago. Don't want to get on her scales.
I am convinced the psychological barriers for me are minimized because I am gluten free and stay away from the substitutes because they have a high glycemic index.

Finding a boiler plate way of doing P2/3 with real foods that are low glycemic and carb would be better for your body.

It may work for you, to ease into a maintenance plan by mimicking IP using real animal protein and meeting the caloric limits for your BMR by adding good carbs (most starchy or limited) from veggies and low glycemic fruits like fresh berries. Avoiding the carbs and sugar is the only way for those with severe cravings, or a BMR that is going to be challenged to get in the appropriate nutrients with out weight gain.

Please PM me if I can help.
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