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Originally Posted by booklover811 View Post
Hey everyone. Has anyone had an experience where the scale is going down, but your measurements are not? This has been my case the past 2 weeks. My scale is going down fairly steadily, but my measurements either didn't move, or only a tiny bit. I know if I was gaining muscle my measurements would be declining and my weight might stay the same, but not sure what the cause of the opposite would be? Any suggestions/tips/experience? Thanks!!
I am in the same boat as you. I've lost 14ish pounds (WI tomorrow, according to my scale at home it's closer to 17), but practically nothing in inches. My clinic only measures four spots though (arm, chest, hips, thigh), and I have noticed I look slimmer in other areas that they don't measure. My face looks thinner and I've noticed I have less of a "fat hump" if you want to call it that at the base of my neck. So you may be losing inches, but it's hard to measure every spot. Also, I don't know if someone else is measuring you or if you do it yourself, but my coach said there's so much human error in the measurements, or it could be your clothes or bra or whatever that you really shouldn't invest too much in just the inches. You have to consider your progress as a whole, meaning take into consideration your weight, inches and energy levels etc. Keep us posted on how you progress though, I'm just waiting for the week where I lose nothing on the scale and a bunch of inches (hopefully!!).
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