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Sorry I haven't posted in the past couple days everyone...When the weekend comes it's like I am always so busy with something or another that I forget to post...

Sugar2go Welcome to the group! Everyone is very loving here, you will love it and it is very helpful if you post often.

Restless Thank you for your kind words. I've put my thoughts on the whole situation on the back burner so I don't get worked up until I know what they say...I've got more important things like looking after my health and weight loss to worry

Silent Glad to see you're gettin back in the game, and congrats on the weightloss! Any work out is better than no work out...just remember that

Ubee Thanks for the hugs <3 I needed it ...You are right I don't want a stall, so no more doughnuts

Betsy Thanks for the love. I'm glad it's behind me and hopefully won't have to have another one for a year or so. I'm happy you're making goals for's good to do that and it really helps with the process I'm finding. You are a busy bee and I so envy that in you! I work out even though I don't like to lol...But when it comes to house work I am LAZY! I did however get a lot done in the house this evening...I even broke out a sweat so there's my work out for today hahaha!

Fi Thanks for the love too! I know the cysts are still there, so that won't be a surprise...just hoping they haven't gotten bigger. The one appointment I am dreading is the endocrinologist appointment in June. I really don't want to be put on Metformin, but my OBGYN said it may be a good idea to help with my weight loss...:\ I don't know

Dany Welcome to the group! Everyone is very loving and encouraging in here. You will fit right in, just post often ok? That will help out TONS!! Coming here really makes me accountable because I've got people in here who are going to call me out if I need to kick in the butt to get going again....Hope you stick around for awhile!

Atalanta83 Welcome!!! We will be your support system! We all understand in here what you are going through so post often ok?

Larry I'm glad to see that you took the time to post and let us know what is going on. I was worried about you. I'm sorry to hear what is going on...Hopefully the doctor will be able to give you the right things you need to get through this. If there's anything we can do please let us know! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Well I am 2.8 lbs down this week, and 4 inches off my body..I'm pretty happy with it! That puts me down to 296.2!!

Went out and had lunch with my friend on Saturday and we did a little shopping. We went to Goodwill and I tried on a bunch of different clothes..Most of them fit but I ended up only getting this one nice white tank shirt with beautiful bead work on it. It's going to be great for work. I also made a trip to the vitamin store and purchased some Vitex to see how that helps with my monthly cycles instead of the birth control. DH isn't too happy that I'm not taking the birth control but I told him to let me try this and see what happens, if it doesn't work then I'll just go on the birth control again...I just really hate that it masks my symptoms instead of helping the root cause. Also after talking to several women who were on the pill and had PCOS said it made them worse after getting off of it...I don't want that to happen to me....I also worry about blood clots because women with PCOS are more likely to get them taking the pill than women who don't have PCOS...We'll see what happens. My friend is moving in less than 2 weeks, but she wants to get on the band wagon to lose weight. She just was diagnosed with PCOS as well, but has hypothyroidism as well. I told her it is going to be hard but it can be done and I'll be there to support her any way I can but I can't tell her when to start, she has to be ready and just do it...She has always been one to talk but she never does anything so I'm not going to push it until she's ready..that's all I can do...It's going to be harder once she moves but we can still talk every day and skype and stuff

Well I was just taking a break from cleaning before I go do my Sunday meal prep...This week I'm going to have my usual oatmeal with berries for breakfast and do taco-less taco salad...It's so good and I haven't had it in awhile...Tomorrow is Monday so it's time to MOVE!!!

Night everyone!

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