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Morning all. TGIF!!

Happy – Glad the new shop is looking good. People will want to come in and spend time and $$$ there. Nothing like hard physical work to help along a good night’s sleep. I also sleep well when I’ve spent a lot of time out in the fresh air. Sorry your mom’s being "difficult". Better to just cut the conversations short when they take a bad turn. Did you get a spot on the yoga class? Did you say it was in a museum??!!

Michelle – The advanced exercise class sounds challenging – especially the plank part. Good job!! I’ll have to give the oblique moves a try. I guess I could tie my resistance band to a column in the basement. Have the temps gone down a bit for you? That’s awfully warm for this time of year!

Susie – Yay for getting the treadmill! I hope you can use it soon – you have even more incentive now to get your bum foot walking ready! How did TOPS go? I definitely need to get back to tracking…maybe Monday. I know that sounds lame, but I have several meals out over the next few days and I just don’t want to get frustrated trying to track that…I’ll try to make good choices and control my portions instead.

Shad – That’s a long work day. But now it’s your weekend right? Enjoy. What’s planned? Yeh, Im doing way too much eating out lately, and the scale is showing it. Have to up the exercise and cut the volume of food! I’d love to see the sunrise photos. We’ve had mostly gloom and rain all week here. Bleh.

Ceejay – Glad your travel to Branson went well. Sounds like you’ll have some nice family time today. Enjoy yourself!!

Hi to the rest of ya’s!!
Lunch yesterday with the admin was nice. I’ll sure miss her, but wish her well. She’s pursuing work in her field of interest – social work. She doesn’t have experience, so she’s going to be searching for a paying job, of course, but has decided in the meantime to increase her volunteer work with the women’s organization for which she currently volunteers. Good for her. She has a husband and child, but juggled work, family, and getting a college degree, so I know she can make this happen for herself.

Today is the department farewell lunch for the admin. Tonight bf and I will likely watch the hockey game.

Tomorrow is Jazzercise, then lunch with bf’s mom at Cheesecake Factory. Tomorrow night is the dinner/auction for the lab rescue org from which we adopted Coal.

Nothing on Sunday I hope.

Okay, meeting in 10 min to review the admin’s open items and processes…the boss sure waited til the last minute.

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