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Well i've certainly been guilty of night time snacking in the past. Actually more like night time binging. But that's history now. And this is what i do these days.

I have dinner early and try to go to bed early. (traditionally i was a night owl and sleep too much in the day. It took me a long time to break that habit but i seem to have done it. I don't always get to bed as early as i'd like but i try.

I have a good dinner so that i'm not hungry afterwards. The good dinner is full of slow release carbs and vegetables and protein if possible, not processed foods.

Drink. you probably need to drink more water. A lot of people eat when they are actually needing hydration.

If i was genuinely hungry, i'd have fruit or fruit and natural yoghurt. About 1/2 cup of each if the fruit is stewed. But i try to have it closer to my dinner. If i was even more hungry (which happens less often now), i'd have a piece of toast with vegemite a yeast extract spread.

I drink coffee with milk. It gives me a few calories. and doesn't seem to affect my sleep very much. But alternatively you could have tea or just hot water with 1/4 cup of milk. I've done that for periods of time.

At the beginning i was committed to three meals and only fruit between meals. If meals are substantial and full of good nutrients you shouldn't need more. If you snack from boredom, then a change of activity can help, as well as going to bed with a book. And drinking water.

And finally don't keep snack foods in the house.

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