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Morning all. Chilly first of May. Not thrilled to be wearing a sweater and t-neck, as well as a scarf and gloves, but c'est la vie. Springtime in the Midwest.

Shad – Thanks for starting our new thread. Hope you’re digging out from under all that paperwork and avoiding papercuts, LOL.

Michelle – How was the advanced back exercise class?

Ceejay – Safe travels! I’m glad your friend isn’t coming along with you – you don’t need the stress, you need a nice relaxing vacation!! Enjoy!

Susie – Sounds like the MRI was a real ordeal! I hope they find something helpful so they can get you going on your recovery. Our gym has one of those arm pedaling machines, noticed a guy using it last night.

Hellos to the rest of you!
I went to the gym with bf last night and bf’s friend also met us there. I did a total of 30 min cardio, split between elliptical, rowing machine and spin bike. After that I did a plank, two sets of pushups and a bit of ab work. It was hot in the gym, especially on the 2nd floor where the ellipticals and other cardio equipment is. I think that sapped some of my energy right from the get-go. At least I moved my arse.

Today I’m taking our admin out to lunch, just the two of us. Our boss has also invited us to department lunch tomorrow as a farewell. Neither of us are thrilled about it, but so be it. Tomorrow is the admin’s last day here. I bought her a card yesterday. We have two internal candidates for her job, and maybe an external one lined up. I’ll be busy after this week with covering some of the critical admin work and interviewing, on top of my own work.

Okay, gotta run. Everyone have a great day.
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