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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Rosey ~ I didn't realize there was a difference in the cake mixes either ~ I looked back at the recipe and I had missed the part where it said the add water only kind.

Karen MO ~ you are not a Debbie Downer. You've got a lot on your plate and we are here for you ~ glad you feel comfortable enough to be able to share your feelings. So glad your friend stopped by and you had a chance to talk with someone who knows what you are going through.

Cajun ~ I can identify with your feelings about being sick of dieting and feeling like it is a roller coaster. It gets so discouraging sometimes. I have been battling the same 3 or 4 pounds. I get to where it is my lowest in a long time, then back up it goes. And it doesn't seem like it takes much to make it go back up. It zooms right back up real quick, but seems to take days to get it back to where it was. Oh well, my own fault. Gotta keep plugging away at it or it could be even worse.

On the upside ~ it is a beautiful sun shiny day today ~ a little on the chilly side.

We had Maddie here with us all day yesterday. Mommy kept her home from school because she wasn't feeling very good. She was so quiet ~ that's just not like her ~ you know she didn't feel good. Poor little thing. No call from Mommy this morning, so Maddie must be feeling better.

Hope you all have a nice day.
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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