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Originally Posted by Fiona W View Post
... That's what I'm working very hard on, even as you read these words, because I want my house to have lots of clean open spaces for those new kittens to run and play. The piles of paper clutter are on their way OUT!
thanks for explaining to us about the cutting, it seems so very precise but as you say practice has made perfect and yay for continuing on the reduction progress!

Originally Posted by seabiscuit View Post
I'm hanging in there! It was a grey and rainy day today, also quite chilly. I'm slowly getting ready for the move.

Take care and have a good night.

Hi Amy, oh how I dislike grey, rainy and chilly days, they just nudge me into blehness. Do you have a deadline you have to meet, for moving? Say Hi to Snickers for me

Originally Posted by IBelieveInMe2 View Post
I worked out with my trainer this morning and walked on the treadmill the previous two nights. I am trying to see myself as a more active person and it is helping, I think.
Yay for your exercise, Kathleen! are the orthodics (spelling?) helping? I sure hope so. Oh and here's the obligatory dust for us
thanks for the happybikerchick comp

Originally Posted by MonteCristo View Post
I've been having some odd dreams, and it seems like they are connected to my anxiety.(
sorry to hear of the dreams, they are sure to be reflecting emotions you have. That situation with your family was such an upheaval and how hard to get through that! I'm really sorry also to hear that your mom seems to only contact you when she wants something ...I was very impressed by hearing of your yardwork and it sounds like it is a beautiful sight to greet you and it was all accomplished by your hard work!

Originally Posted by FleurDeLis View Post
Today I have my 6 week post partum appointment. Hoping everything is well and I'm fully cleared! .
wow I know you told us of the date in March, but it has been such a short time hasnt it Wishing you a stellar health appointment OH, you must miss your bike so much!! when I had a fullface, my husband designed a cupcake/crossbones in retroreflective tape for the back This new helmet doesn't have any bling on it ...yet. I do have some crystals, and I always put a bullet hole sticker or two on them (I once had a Canadian Border Patrol checkpoint guard say to me, in a thick French accent, "looks like somebody missed!" (regarding the fake bullet hole) And your planned tat sounds wonderful. I am one of the few biker chicks in the country that does not have a tat..yet

Originally Posted by lilturtle View Post
So yay! A new phone. I should have it by Friday in time for my trip on Monday.

I need to update my ticker again. I lost a few more lbs. So big yay there too. Who less, lose more really works for me.
DOUBLE YAYS So nice to get something unexpected, and so great to see more losses! About your trip, I wonder if you could google the airport, and check out, ahead of time, what kind of distance you have to go to get to your points? Maybe knowing ahead of time might help with anxiety.

and HI to everyone else

I'm sure glad I was outside for all of yesterday, because today is blech, and tomorrow is supposed to be blech also. I've did a workout ( ) and vacuumed; need to put away a hamper full of clothes; and need to work/research pastry recipes for my upcoming summer gig. The problem with that, is um, embarrassing, but my stomach starts growling when I am going through my cookbooks, and looking up recipes on the computer, and it is really hard to stick to my diet but I have to
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