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Originally Posted by Fiona W View Post
Thanks for all the kind words about my collage. Yes, all those images came from magazines or books, and in the case of that collage, mostly from my junk mail...I get a lot of scientific and medical junk mail from when I used to be a doctor, and I get a lot of catalogs: it's all free anyway, why not cut out the cool parts before I toss it in the recycle bin? Every time I run across something with visual appeal on the Web, I always check to see if a printed catalog is available for it.

I do 99.9% or more of my snipping with scissors, only very little with a craft knife. There were a couple of places in the bouquet the elephant's holding where there was blue sky showing through from the original background, so I used a knife to make those inside holes. I didn't used to be able to cut very neatly with scissors, but what they say is true: practice makes perfect!

The difficult thing, which was in fact the subject of that collage, is not just hoarding paper, but harvesting the images and storing them in an orderly way. That's what I'm working very hard on, even as you read these words, because I want my house to have lots of clean open spaces for those new kittens to run and play. The piles of paper clutter are on their way OUT!
Hi, I'm just popping in this thread (hello!!!) because I just wanted to say that I love reading your posts Fiona! I one day would like a side-job doing something creative. Just keeping it open, since I've worked with various mediums throughout the years. I am still on hiatus because of other priorities, but its something that I aspire to and I hope to be in a place in my life where I can develop a small side business. Maybe once I get that going, I can post some of the murals that I've worked on these past couple years - I just started exploring mural art and I really like it.

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