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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


For me, WW is the best plan. Believe me I have tried others, especially when I thought there was some easy way out. The worst was Nutri System, icky-poo.

The reason I like WW and tracking my food is that nothing is forbidden, in moderation of course. When I started back in January I happened to read an article in Oprah magazine which stated "Don't do any diet if you can't eat that way for the rest of your life". That was the ding ding ding moment about WW's for me and I knew I would succeed in getting the weight off and keeping it off if I worked it. I had success with LC diets but after I lost some weight I went back t eating my old way. It was impossible for me to have success because it was "all or nothing".

WW suggest not more than 2 lbs a week loss, and some don't like that; but for me it is a healthy and doable way to lose the lbs and inches.
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