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Hello everyone

Yesterday's calories: 1499
I'm a little scared about going back to work tomorrow and adjusting my calories. It's not helping that I still can't chew anything so I'm gonna have to plan my lunch for tomorrow very carefully. I am not allowed to eat any dairy so that makes it so much harder.
Also, I'll be burning a lot more. I ride my bike there and back which is not thaaat far (2.85 miles) but considering the fact that I sat on the couch for a whole week - it's definitely something! And - I stand and walk at work. No sitting other than during my 30 min lunch break.


FleurDeLis - A little slip-up, it happens I doubt you went crazy over your calories, your sodium intake was probably higher than usual which could obviously result in water retention, but I'm sure your run helped tremendously! On to a brand new day

emily2585 - 52 calories is really not that big of a deal. That's 364 calories a week which, again, is really not that much, at all. You'll burn that off by going for a run and doing some exercises

SeeMyFeet - Tinnitus? Oh no, how annoying!! Have you been to the doctor's yet?

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