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As you transended from plus size to regular size did you experience any suprises, disappointments, frustrations?
I wasn't nearly as excited to get into the regular sizes as I thought I would be! I feel a bit like I am "trespassing" in the regular clothing stores....I'm hoping that this feeling will go, as I get more solidly into regular clothes! Also - my body didn't shed the weight evenly....I am still borderline plus size on the bottom, but a size 12 on top!

What is the best thing that happened to you?
I feel more confortable in public...I used to worry that people were looking at me and judging my appearance. I feel more comfortable trying things I would have avoided before (taking yoga, going swimming, meeting new people).

What made it different this time?
Like Dana & Holly, I had never REALLY tried to lose weight before. I exercised some, but never controlled my portions or food. I started to develop health I guess you could say I was "scared" into loosing weight!

And what do you do to ward off becoming complacent?
For me, weight loss has been like walking down a set of stairs....I take one step and then kind of level off, take the next step, level off...I have allowed myself to back off and maintain, but never to give up and stop. I have been taking my time (almost 3 years!)...but never going backward. Trying to go a bit easier on myself...Rather than berating myself for having a few "off" days, reminding myself about how far I have come and what got me there!
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