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Heidi I was missing you! Nice to have you back! Sorry about the weight gain, but the old pictures are a good reminder where you don't end up at. -- I have our family photos streaming as a screen savor as well; it brings back memories -- Interestingly, I have a VERY few fat pictures of me; I managed to run away from the camera successfully. And the few I have makes me shiver. I looked so gross. -- I have one that is the greatest motivator; I had just rebroken/chipped my front tooth, my hair was way too long (I don't look good with long hair; makes me look old), I was laughing and my fat face with triple chins was the center of the picture.... I looked so ugly and fat. I never want to look like that again....SHIVER! -- Anycase I am happy that you are back!! I hope your job is going well.

Marlene Sorry that you had to cut your trip short and that your trip was not quite what you had hoped for! -- I think you did fantastic on your vacation what came to your weight!

Abbi Did you go GF because you wanted to or because you had to? Do you eat the GF free "flour" products? -- I am GF because I can not stomach gluten, but I don't eat any of the GF items either. I gave up all bread and pasta. Hubby gave them up too, DD still eats the "fake" products.

Cattails Am I miserable now? Miserable is such a strong word. I guess I am not miserable but still a bit unhappy with my appearance. I know I won't get the body back I had in my 20's -- I just hope that I feel happy about my body and proud how far I have come. I hope that I won't stare at my imperfections too much. -- I used to hate my hips, even at 96 pounds; I fear that I will hate them at 122 pounds. I fear that I am not going to be friends with my cellulite And I fear that I won't embrace the 47 year old body. -- I need to remember that I have put my body through **** and back. I have not been kind to it. So it won't go back to being a perfection. I won't look like Christie Brinkley looks at the age of 60 (well I guess if I had her money I could ).

Glad you had a nice birthday celebrations Rennie, but it is time to go back to work, and you have! 162 is should see the 150's soon.

Zumba If I go down the TT route, I will make sure that I am under my goal weight; I don't know if I could emotionally handle gaining a whole bunch of weight while in recovery. I think I would make sure I would be between 115-120 pounds. That would give me a buffer.
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