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Originally Posted by JSorrell View Post
It's a bit early yet, but I wanted to get ahead of it.

I am having surgery in early June and my Coach wants me to go off IP before then (tapering off to Phase 2, Phase 3, yada-yada).

Has anyone had any success in staying on IP during surgery/recovery?
I will be on bed rest for 10 to 14 days and will probably spend several more weeks recovering. I don't want to lose too much progress.

Any suggestions, recommendations, words of experience?
Ruth ann had surgery on IP but some of her issues were digestive.

I had a breast reduction in 99, prior to any low carb dieting so I have no info on eating (super happy, BTW). 10-14 days bedrest? I was 1 nite in the hospital & 2-3 days kind of "out of it" but after that, activity as tolerated. My doc sends people back to work 3-5 days. I was off over a week due to my particular job. Are you having ONLY breast reduction or more than just that?

I'd be more inclined to talk to the doctor re: IP, rather than your coach re: sugery, just due to the lack of knowledge many coaches exhibit.
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