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Pattience- I am so happy you survived that cyclone and are ok- that had to be scary! Glad you have your power back on again, too. A couple of years ago, we went through several storms where we lost power for several days at a time- it spurned me into action, and I got a wood stove (for heat) and a generator. So glad we did, because the next storm, to which it was freezing outside, we lost the power for three days. At least we were warm and could make coffee, lol!

how are you doing? Are you still following the New Atkins plan? How are your blood sugars doing?

Aleka- how are you doing? The weather is finally gorgeous here in NH, but the blasted allergies have started, ggggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Still, it sure is nice to have some warm weather for a change, and no snow on the ground!

We took out a membership at that hotel for the pool- so glad we don't have to pay anymore now, just sign in. Well worth the money, it will pay for itself- even if just my sister and I use it three times a week, it will pay for itself in three months time. The bonus is that the rest of the family can use it as well- much better than paying $7.00 per person per 24 hour period! It has a hot tub and a sauna- what more could we want?

I'm kind of ruing the day that I agreed to do Paleo. It is A LOT of cooking. I love to cook, but man, all this experimenting and getting this plan just right takes up a lot of time. I feel like I am living in my kitchen. I did break my stall, lost three pounds last week, so I'm relieved that the lack of exercise (thanks to all the cooking and experimenting in the kitchen) didn't affect me too bad. I miss exercising, though- it's good for my lungs, especially during allergy season.

I found ways to make grain free waffles and cookies taste spectacular. On Easter, I made chocolate chip grain free cookies and peanut butter grain free cookies- my best friends loved the peanut butter cookies and took a bag home with her. Of course, she took MY favorite cookies! I could care less about the chocolate chip, but that is my daughter's favorite, so I am sure I'd have to make another batch for her, lol. The waffles are great, too, and the good thing is I can make a few batches up for breakfast- my daughter's with the 60% cocoa chocolate chips, and tomorrow, I am going to make some with blueberries for me. At least we get to eat melted butter and pure maple syrup on them and have a side of bacon. We need some guilty pleasures, and let's be honest, eggs and bacon/sausage/ham on the side everyday would get very boring.

I also have a minute muffin (several variations of this, from cinnamon bun flavor to a garlic bread kind) and a chocolate mug cake recipe that is good. I sure do miss eating my high fiber bread and English muffins, though. It was so much easier to pack a lunch and go without having to cook every darn thing like the Paleo diet. It is a decent diet, but not one that my busy lifestyle can sustain.

I also miss eating corn, peas, string beans and legumes as well as peanuts (they're considered a legume). I had some string beans for Easter and made my peanut butter grain free cookies. That's another reason why I can't stick to Paleo for too much longer- those foods were staples in my diet, and I miss them all very much. I also had corn on the cob on Easter, another no no. We miss tacos, too. Oh, well, another month won't kill us, but I will probably still sneak in some peanut butter on an apple here and there.

Anyhow, I miss chatting with you ladies and hope you are all doing great. I will try to make it on here more often- seriously, though, the amount of cooking is just ridiculous, but I am getting the hang of it and perfected some recipes that we enjoy. By the time I get a collection of palatable recipes, it will be time to switch back to high fiber again (I am still eating high fiber, though- flax seed meal and coconut flour is loaded with fiber!).

Have a great day, ladies! I hope you are all doing very well! Tell us about your Easter! Mine was great- lots of cooking again, but we had a blast, it went by ttttttttttttooooooooooo fast.

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