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Originally Posted by LGW View Post
Someone gave me the best advice to get me on track last have to expect a little bit of discomfort and hunger when you first start a healthy eating plan...this simple advice is keeping me going without cheating!
I agree with this, LGW. I think our society has conditioned us to believe that hunger is a bad thing and it must not be felt. But what we are feeling is not true hunger in my opinion. When I eat too many sugary, starchy carbs, this "hunger" is out of control within a few hours. But there is no way that my body is in need of food because I've consumed a lot of calories just hours earlier. To me, it's kind of like an addiction trigger. Because of the addictive properties of the food, it tricks the body into thinking it's hungry thus you consume more of it. I have tested this with myself. I am the absolute most hungry after eating a large amount of sugar and starch. My hunger is very different when I eat healthy, and it doesn't come nearly as quickly.


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