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Ah, Carol Sue, I think you need a lot of patience right now with your DH. He is NOT a good little patient, is he? BTW, shingles will not cross the quadrant they're in... so there's no way they'd ever go all the way around a body. He's just being a drama queen, I think!!

Thanks to all of you for the good thoughts re: my surgery. I am SO ready for it! I'm also SO ready for my retirement! I'm just tired, dontcha know? Maybe after I'm fixed and up dancing, I'll offer to go back to work, if my boss hasn't been institutionalized from the nervous breakdown she's going to give herself. At this point, though, I can't foresee it; I'm too much looking forward to some time for myself!

Nothing to report. Weight is status quo, but I have sugar cravings creeping back in, and I NEED TO STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY. It's so easy to backslide, isn't it?

Hope you're all well! Later, lovelies.

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