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Rie-OMG those photos are so cute! You and your boyfriend are such an attractive couple(aside from the creepy eye enlargement thing lol)! Your birthday sounds amazing and I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed it You must be excited to see your family and that's nice that you'll get to go to Spain with them for vacation. I know your stay in Japan isn't ending exactly as you planned, but you still got to have the incredible experience of living there and honestly if you can live in Japan, moving to New York will be a breeze for you and your boyfriend! Why New York though? Are there job opportunities there in your chosen fields? You should come to California haha About the scale break-yeah the first time I took one over the summer I felt the same way. I learned a lot from that first break and how to keep myself accountable without the scale. I think overall it makes you stronger when you take a break. To stop myself from eating stuff I usually imagine eating it and how it will make me feel. I think "Do I NEED this?" then I think about how its really not going to taste that good and that I would much rather save my calories for something else later. Also, for the first year of losing weight I didn't keep any easy snack type stuff in the house. Now I can have it around and not eat it(like lentil chips, hummus, macaroons ect) but it took a while to get to that point! Yeah, unfortunately I can recognize the difference between real hunger and head hunger but sometimes I just don't care! lol Those cravings really take over sometimes You are right about net calories! I think more people aren't on board for two reasons-its not mainly weight loss based and its much longer. Those are the exact two reasons I like it though haha I really think the pyramid idea is VERY effective at making life changes though, but it does take more work. Aw thanks I hate my profile! I've never liked it, so I always hate looking at performance photos. It was a little weird with all the children running around(especially since we didn't have any warning about it) but it was so much fun and I'd love to do a performance for children like that again.

Finals are killing me. Have about 20-24 hours worth of writing I need to do by next thursday I'm going to die! haha I can't believe all this writing, I thought I was a music major
I've planned my backpacking trip for the summer, I invited my new hiking friend to go and she's down! I really hope she doesn't back out though, people tend to do that….I'm going back to the palisades in the sierras where I went two years ago. I'm really determined to knock off a 14000ft peak while there since that's been on my bucket list. Right now its my biggest motivation for weight loss since being lighter makes the trek up so much easier lol

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