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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
Ha. I loved the article. Loved the thread even more when I saw Statler and Waldorf!

My favorite is the "good for you". I want to kick someone in the junk every time they say that. I feel like they're complimenting my finger painting.
This is exactly how I feel. I HATE when someone says it to me. I realize that people have good intentions when they say it, but it feels insulting to me.

A guy from my office saw me working out at the gym, walked up to me, patted me on the shoulder and said "good for you" with the most pathetic look on his face. It was all I could do to not punch his F***ing lights out!

I took a yoga class, and a woman came up to me and did exactly the same thing. I didn't see her saying "good for you" to skinny people in the class!

People think that because I am overweight that I never exercise, which is not true. As overweight as I am, I had been somewhat toned because I had been taking yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing in addition to strength training and hiking for a few years. My instructor told me that I am at intermediate level kickboxing and could move to advanced. I always did some type of exercise; the doctor was impressed with my core strength.

Since I know kickboxing, the next time someone says "good for you" to me, I just gonna go all Bruce Lee on their asses so they understand that fat doesn't mean lazy and weak!

One for every 10 lbs.

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