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Typically lunch for me is a salad, which is composed of lettuce, a packet of (low sodium) tuna, some mushrooms, a sprinkling (which I try to keep reasonably small) of cheese and low fat Italian dressing.

I really have no idea about portion sizes, so I try to just assume what I'm having is plenty and give myself some breathing room? LOL that sounds silly as I write it, but there it is.

Sometimes for lunch I have a baked potato with salsa and, again, a small amount of shredded cheese. I don't have sour cream in the house because I know I would binge on the stuff. I had said baked potato once and didn't feel full, so I put a pack of tuna on top of it.

Will definitely try adding protein to my breakfast.

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I didn't see that there were so many replies!

RE the water question, I'm going to order a quart bottle to take with me to the gym and drink several times a day. Left to my own devices, I really drink very little, but I'm working on that. I don't drink my calories; I typically drink tea and diet soda.
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