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I'm sitting here feeling like I may be on the other side of the fastest moving cold I have ever had. *credit* for currently sitting upright.

I am fuzzy-headed and have a bit of a sore throat and slight sniffles but I'm really not too bad. If I had a retail job to go to I would make it through the day.

However, I woke up feeling crummy and all I wanted to do was weigh myself and so...I did. BIG MISTAKE. My fuzzy head did not recognize this for the sabotaging thought that it was.

So, since weighing last 8 days ago (my wii fit tells me when/how long it's been-it's actually quite a passive/aggressive scale) I am EXACTLY the same. Like down to the tenth of a lb exact. I had to laugh, at first, then all the feelings of being a failure and "this doesn't work, I'm doing it wrong" and etc. flooded me. I didn't track this morning but I wasn't totally sure I would given how crummy I am feeling. I ate like a free-for-all though but I ate my soup, orange juice, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese, garlic toast with cheese... breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks with the extra being the OJ and the timing and the tracking non-existant. Although I guess I did sort of just track with you just now so *credit*. Anyway that's where I am at. No more weighing in now until May. It looks like I am all or nothing with the scale. I am truly ok with the daily weigh in, caused there are just so many numbers so often it really does take their power away. And with the never weigh in until a month has passed, well nothing to do with the scale for a month. Nothing to fuss about for a month, except the 3 days leading up to the scale reading I will fuss, or stew, a bit. Anyway, this is another change from Beck vs. Dr. Fix It. I'll read day 5 today and give it a whirl tomorrow. I will also go enter my food that I have had so far today. Right back on track.

gardenerjoy I'm having the same issues you mentioned. I too feel I am over-eating to get the protein and am becoming critical of my food choices-like overly critical. I know self-scrutiny is necessary at the beginning and that change needs extra focus/vigilance but you are so right. Beck would have made each of his one days into 2 or 3. I don't ever recall feeling so pressed to do so much so quickly. What's up with that? Being a traumatized dieter, I am easily waylaid by not meeting the perceived expectations of my new diet plan and I feel discouraged really easily. It is hard for me to say "Oh well, next time round," and to keep the faith that I am indeed doing enough. But that is also a function of perfectionism and all or nothing. Wonder if he addresses that, and when? Maybe it is on day 5! I can hope. I am going to see it through and 3 times over I will see it through, but it may be a case of the old overeaters anonymous saying "take what you want and leave the rest". Glad you and Ceejay are on this trip too... looking forward to seeing what the others think as they try it as well. so far, no one has been able to unseat Dr. Beck in terms of solid usable real-world applicable weightloss guidelines. My admiration for her steadily grows.

nationalparker And my admiration of you grows daily as well. credit for not over eating in what continues to be a very stressful time. SO SORRY to hear of your mother's issues now as well. You are doing what you can. You will do what you can. Trust yourself and your choices. Don't fog up your senses with excess food. Glad you are here.

6crowsgold Maybe you're already feeling better?? I hope so!

AZtricia Thank you for posting that very helpful response to gardenerjoy. It was exactly what I needed as well.

BillBlueEyes I checked the link to The Sixth Extinction, this after having watched an episode last night of VICE (do you watch this? If not, you must.) about rhino horn and an unforgettable piece of video related to rhino horn hunting that I won't describe here Really it is all about how man is killing everything and then I also read an essay by Chris Hedges about over-population and how that is the source of all the killing cause we just want all the space in the world to be ours and so given this as I looked over the Amazon page for the book I read this quote by your Boston Globe:
"Surprisingly breezy, entirely engrossing, and frequently entertaining... Kolbert is a masterful, thought-provoking reporter." —The Boston Globe
Now if the book is about all that and she manages to make it seem "breezy" that is indeed a masterful writer. Makes me definitely want to read it too. Maybe you won't be *as* depressed afterwards as if, say, Chris Hedges had written it. BTW I have added a chapter to my Weigh the Weight Away diet describing the best type of floor surface on which to place your scale. I am currently making a video on how to incorporate exercise into your step onto the scale. It'll be on the Blue Ray version read by James Earl Jones.
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