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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
As someone who has experienced this cycle of either weighing in or not, I can understand this. After being on IP for a while, I just decided that I would allow myself to weigh every day JUST for reference and to keep myself honest.

What I will suggest is that you realize this is a long process and it has its ups and downs, naturally. There will be days you lose bigger amounts that are no more logical than days when you appear to gain weight for no reason.

Hide the scale if you cannot deal with it. Put it in the garage or attic. After a while on the program if you have been losing weight steadily (which you probably will) see if you are ready to bring it back. If not, don't!
Schenectady I also weigh every morning for the same reason and I record it in the notes when I record what I eat in My Fitness Pal is like if I eat it or what ever scale says I post... Makes me be honest with ME... Cause if I don't record I will eat or drink it and say ahhh it don't matter Just my way of keeping my self on the diet..I also post how I feel tired hungry or happy
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