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My weekend was good! I did my super hard strength workout, then got all dressed up to go out and meet my bf's friends for the first time. I'm so used to hanging out with my friend who always wears cute dresses, generally tries to look super feminine that I felt really over dressed! His female friend was in super casual clothes so I was like "oh..." But it just made me think, I should just dress the way I want to! I PREFER casual clothes to dresses, but I suppose I started to feel like I had to look "presentable" around my feminine friend. I need to have more confidence in my own style and not dress just to match other women who I hang out with!
Regardless I had a great night. With each sip of alcohol I had I would drink a sip of water. I did have a lot to drink, but I didn't get the usual bloated feeling that I used to get. We also played Cards Against Humanity in a bar and it was pretty hilarious.

Sunday I was supposed to hang out with my friends but everyone backed out at the last minute. It was a pretty miserable day to picnic anyway, so I just chilled out. I did something a bit stupid though, my boyfriend went out to meet someone and I ended up ordering Dominos pizza =/. I mean, it was delicious, but still I could have made something!

Monday I went on a run, even though I was convincing myself it would be much nicer to stay in and relax. So I'm pretty proud of myself! It was just a short run, 1.5 miles, but dayum I did it with a 9:30 min/mi pace! I had been running a 10 min/mi pace previously, so I think that the strength workout I did really helped improve my performance. I felt a little bit springy!

Today was a rest day, but I went back to my apartment to pick up some more clothes since I'm staying at the boyfriends for this month. I was going to quickly weigh myself but I completely forgot! So I'll be joining Dott in taking a scale break for April!

Have any of you ever bought weight loss books? I remember Jelbb put up a recommendation a while back, The Thin Woman's Brain. It stuck out in my head and I read the preview on Amazon, I'm not sure it's something I'd buy unless it was really cheap but it had some good points. Basically it tries to teach you the difference between actual hunger and craving relating hunger. I do have a bad tendency to eat for the sake of eating. If I know there's something extra in the house I'll always think about it...before ending up caving despite not being hungry. Do you ever get like this? It's probably the biggest reason why I got fat in the first place - eating food that I really didn't need.


Dott - Yeah, you're right! Even if it does have bad stuff in it's crazy better than Coke! I mean, it's like 40 calories compared to, what? 300 calories that a Coke has? I think I will have a talk with my boyfriend when the time comes. I've been really good not buying junk food recently and since we've been cooking there's not been much need to go out and end up buying junk. That's awesome that you've found a friend who's active like you! Can't wait to see pics from the concert! That's a crazy good bargain!

milesaway - You know I think those types of chemicals are banned in Japan. They don't even sell Diet Coke here come to think of it. People here are so healthy naturally, so while there probably are sweeteners in the tea it's still nothing compared to the full fat Coke. Perhaps every time you order a drink order a water with it? That's what I've started doing - I make sure that for each alcoholic drink I have a drink water too. It slows me down and I don't get drunk as quick. That's amazing that you're feeling the difference in your size! It is like an overnight thing where suddenly your clothes feel baggy.
One of my fondest memories (which is pretty sad) was that I was walking to the bus stop one day in my work uniform (trousers and shirt) and my underwear fell down UNDER my trousers. I was laughing to myself reaching down past my arse to pull them back up!! I loved that pair of was very flattering, but I couldn't wear it any more with them falling down like that! I also have a ring that my bf bought for me, while I was at work and it just flew off my finger! I now wear it on a necklace. It's always amazing when you are shrinking and clothes that JUST fit around your body become loose. Personally I think it's great, it's expensive to buy new clothes but what a great reason to go shopping! "I lost so much weight that I have to buy new clothes" I mean...come on, that's such a great achievement!!
As for shopping, I usually plan my meals and then just write a shopping list according to what the plan is. I can literally only make about 4 different dishes here in Japan (no oven/familiar ingredients) so it's super easy because of that.
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

Goal 1: Halfway point to borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI~ 165 lbs
Goal 2: Weight when I was 17 ~ 159 lbs
Goal 3: Borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI ~ 150 lbs
Goal 4: Lightest weight ever! ~ 148 lbs
Goal 5: Lighter than Boyfriend ~ 145 lbs
Goal 6: Halfway point to Healthy BMI ~ 140 lbs
Final Goal: Midpoint of healthy BMI range (21.6) ~ 130 lbs
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