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Hi, Jenjen, and welcome!

I am not really aiming to lose any number of pounds a week. I am trying to focus on the process and hope that weight loss will follow. I've been through this more times than I'd like to count, so this time I am trying to make make peace with a livable way of eating (for me), which may mean settling for a higher goal weight than I have in the past.

I think a couple of the other folks have managed to move on to a 130's thread. Since you say you only have a few pounds to lose to get out of the 140's, maybe you can join them soon! Feel free to post as often as you want. I try to post my progress daily, but others post weekly.

I had a pretty good day yesterday, both eating and exercise. The scale clocked in at 142.6. I'm glad to see a lower number, because it looks like I'll have to eat a buffet lunch on Thursday so I want to feel like I've been making progress before I hit that bump.
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