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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello Coaches

Had a dentist appointment today and the hygienist scraped my teeth for a full 30 minutes (after saying they looked pretty good!) so they must be super clean now. Helped ds with editing his huge paper instead of doing my dvd, but I did walk 3 miles on the treadmill while the boys swam. OP today for food and exercise but I am still hungry after dinner, ignoring it and having a nice cup of tea. I lost another pound today, so that makes up for the plateau and averages to one a week. Planning on my dvd tomorrow instead. Finally have an appointment at the end of the month for ds's dyslexia.

CeeJay I agree that I hope weight loss reduces pain. I can only walk up to a certain speed before I am in too much pain to continue and have to back off. Kudos for your second round of Diet Fix! I was surprised to see the range of 25-30% protein I usually do reach 25%, but it would be a complete change to add that extra 5%. Glad you enjoyed the link.

onebyone Kudos for 5 of 10 and sticking with the detailed plan. Sorry you are not feeling well. LOL about your new diet book!

6crowsgold Hurray for one more pound lost! You write an amazing number of letters! The butter is a fun idea Enjoy your pups!

Kudos for OP and down a few pounds. You are not a wimp!! I am in a crazy faze of life but homeschooling is my full time job and the end of the school year is just a bit crazier than the rest.

BillBlueEyes Yikes for IRS. Bummer for the disappointing Sunday. I vote for you for czar

gardenerjoy I agree that the Nutella video was great. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I enjoyed watching him. Sort of disgusting that chocolate icing is "healthier" than Nutella.

nationalparker HUGE kudos for checking in here instead of medicating stress with food. So glad that it is helpful for you during this traumatic time. I was sad to hear about your mom.

ahna Thanks for sharing your link. Awesome that you are staying in your maintenance range.
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