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hello Beck Coaches... I have been a bit down mentally, hopefully I will be back on top soon! Im still exercising and counting my bites, I am not sure if my sleep loss is making me feel down or not?

I started my Weight Maintenance Scrapbook. I found some good articles and blogs online. Im putting some quotes and articles by Judith Beck in there too.

I want to share my youtube Channel with you all. Here it is. My baby is in most of the videos too!

Credits today

-I tracked my food, exercise in my journal, marked it off
-I weighed today and my weight was within my 5 lb Maintenance Range
-I exercised 4 miles and did 4 minutes HeavyHands
-I printed off several pages for my Weight Maintenance Scrapbook
-I felt like overeating and binging today, but I just thought about it instead and moved on, They say if you think about eating the food, and go through the process in your head, it takes some of the craving/desire to actually do it away. I think it helps!

nationalparker wow, 3 hours sleep? How do you do it?

gardnerjoy do you agree with all the principles of The Diet Fix ?
Im wondering if I could adapt it to fit what I am doing. I am not counting calories per say really, I am counting my bites. And I do strictly track them, but I wonder if I could "adapt" his principles to fit what I do that works for me personally?

onebyone Feel better soon! Being sick is no fun!
Lost over 70 lbs in 19 weeks counting bites, not calories.

Counting bites as a Lifestyle Change in Maintenance
Visit my blog to read my story & read all about Counting bites as a tracking measurement instead of calories

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