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Originally Posted by nonameslob View Post
This is really, really interesting. Thank you for sharing! I inadvertently took a break from my diet (and working out) for about two weeks while ill, and the weight flew off, and is still coming off much faster than ever before. Very strange. I think I will (purposefully this time!) plan a two week "break" in June when I'm on vacation. It wold be a perfect time to not have to think about dieting.
Not really mysterious at all nona. Johns version of two week breaks from time to time is pretty much the same thing i advocate when i talk about doing it slowly, the article i read about why weightloss fails with most people, and staging your weightloss, though his is a slightly different formula.

It is basically about tricking your body back into thinking its not going to starve to death (from living on a calorie deficit diet) Read the article about Leptin in the nutrition wonderland website if you want to understand better what that is all about.

I think somewhere in either that article or the one on seratonin she suggests having a high calorie meal once a week. This is another approach to a two week break.
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